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Falling in love means different things to different people. I meet brides and grooms who have fabulous, romantic and sometimes funny love stories. Mine is unique, although just as fabulous!

Hey y’all, I’m Kati. I love Savannah. I love flowers.… and I love cats! No husband. Just Savannah, flowers and cats!  I told you it was unique.  I’m from Kentucky, but I spent my college years here in Savannah studying Metals and Jewelry at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). While learning my craft and increasing my love of design, I was exploring this beautiful town. It seemed like every morning brought new colors to Savannah. Bachelor’s Degree in hand, I returned to Louisville, KY to start to find my way as an artist. I knew Louisville, the town, the people and I belonged there once, but I wasn’t sure Artist-Kati would fit the space that child-Kati left. Looking for a direction, and a paycheck, I found a job in a florist shop. I had no experience with flowers, but I fell in love with their beauty. I grew as an artist, but I wasn’t using metals, I was painting with flowers. There were so many colors and textures that my creativity grew. and my artistry soared.

I loved all the clients I worked with in the floral industry, but my favorite were the brides and grooms. I enjoyed getting to know them and their own love story. I found that creating beautiful designs for their very special day was my passion and my true calling. I had the sincere honor of working with the bride so that I would be able to select a color palette, the perfect flowers, and amazing accents that would fit their day and their story. Designing a very personal bouquet and boutonniere just right for their style made the experience special for me. I love designing the backdrop for the entire event; ceremony details, reception styling, centerpieces, swags, cake accessories, and perfectly placed accents drape the day in beauty.

I had found it! Flowers! That’s how I will make my way in the world as an artist!  But something was missing. I loved Kentucky, it was my home, but I truly missed Savannah. The live oaks and Spanish moss were calling me back, so I packed up my feline family and returned to theCoastal Empire to start my own business. Kati Esser Designs was born, and I love meeting couples to see if we are a match.

When I make a commitment to a couple, I give them the day. I do not just drop off the arrangements with my best wishes and leave. I’m there from beginning to end. I couldn’t imagine getting to know a wonderful couple, designing specific pieces just for them and not sharing in their joy. I want to make sure every arrangement, bouquet, boutonniere and accent is perfect. If any adjustments are needed throughout the event, I am there to take care of them. I love seeing the love the bride and groom have for each other. From hearing the story of how you met to enjoying your wedding song list, I love getting to know you, and that’s what makes designing flowers for a wedding so special, it becomes personal.

Home is where the heart is and love is where you find it. My home is Savannah, and I find my love in flowers. Here I am, living my dream!...or as I like to call it, my own love story. I want to hear yours. Come tell me your love story, and then I will tell it with flowers. 

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"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.  It just blooms" -Zen Shin

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